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When Finding The Truth Matters

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Criminal Defense Investigations

Our Criminal Defense Investigators play an invaluable role within the criminal justice system. We provide expert service on the state and federal level. ​ Our seasoned team of investigators is committed to uncovering the truth and building a strong defense for our clients. ​ Our contributions are vital to ensure that our clients have a fair and just attempt at fighting their case.  With our vast experience, sharp analytical abilities, cutting-edge techniques, and attention to detail we diligently assist defense counsel in uncovering the truth and providing reasonable doubt through our research. ​ Our thorough investigations and detailed analyzation of discovery material allow us to examine all aspects of the case, scrutinize the evidence presented by the prosecution and identify potential weakness or inconsistencies in their case to strengthen the defense. ​ While remaining neutral and impartial, we stay dedicated in the pursuit of justice and uphold all the principles that every defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Featured Services: • In-Depth Case Analysis: "Our investigators conduct thorough case analyses, identifying key details that can make a difference in the courtroom." • Witness Interviews: "We specialize in interviewing witnesses to uncover critical information that can shape the defense strategy. • Evidence Collection: We leave no stone unturned in collecting evidence to support the defense of our client’s case. This includes but not limited to the following: Physical Evidence, Documentary Evidence, Digital Evidence, Testimonial Evidence. • Defense Strategy: “A solid defense strategy is not merely reactive; it's proactive, designed to anticipate, prepare, and respond effectively to a myriad of threats in the courtroom. Our years of experience and our vast network in the legal field allows us to stay relevant in the field and provide outside the box thinking.”

Federal Criminal Defense and Federal Habeas Corpus Investigations

Our Criminal Defense Investigators provide Federal Defense Counsel and Federal Habeas Counsel with the same expert investigation that we provide in state court. We assist in defending your rights and freedom when it comes to all aspects of federal litigation. We provide investigation for: • Pre-Trial Matters in the Federal District Court, Including Motion Litigation • Federal Trials • Federal Post-Trial Matters • Federal 2255 Actions Challenging Federal Court Convictions (Habeas Corpus) • Federal 2254 Actions Challenging State Court Convictions (Habeas Corpus) In some instances, if your attorney is a CJA appointed attorney, you will pay no fee for our services.

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Locate Investigations

Are you in search of a loved one? Need a key witness located, or do you need to locate someone that you need to take to court? Our team of Investigators have a track record of locating almost anyone. Our investigation starts with a one-on-one consultation to gather pertinent information about the subject we are looking for. We then use our vast knowledge and real-world experience to locate even the most elusive subjects. Our high percentage of successful locates is accomplished through our vast resources and our access to extensive information. Our street-smart techniques and ability to gain information have proven to be invaluable in our locates. We believe that the only acceptable outcome for our locates should be a positive locate. Our locates come with our 100% money-back guarantee, should the information we provide turn out to be inaccurate. Featured Services: • Witnesses Locates • Wellness Check Locates • Missing Beneficiaries Locates • Missing Dependents Locates • Missing Heirs Locates • Estranged loved Ones Locate • Door Knocks/ Field Visits • Probate Due Diligent Locate Investigations Our locate service investigation typically takes about 3-5 business days. Challenging locates may take additional time. We also offer expedited service at additional cost.

* Please note that for security and safety reasons the addresses and telephone numbers of the desired subject will not be given to requestor unless there is authorization from the subject granting permission, a court case is attached to the subject, or an attorney or business is requesting the information for legal purposes.

Criminal Defense Investigations
Federal CJA Investigations
Litigation Support

Executive Protection

and Site Security

Your safety is our top priority. Our Executive Protection Specialist are comprised of ex-military, ex-law enforcement personnel. We provide safe, professional, and discreet service on all levels. Our disciplined agents have been highly trained in conflict resolution, venue advances, close quarter firearms training, close quarter martial arts, and defensive driving. Our services are designed to minimize the risk of our clients while maximizing their protection and mobility. We understand that each of our clients has specific personal protection requirements. Our team uses strategic tactics and works to not only exceed their expectations and deliver unsurpassed uncompromised service but also properly protect their loved ones and their precious possessions. Feature services: • Executive Car Transport • Executive Security • Bodyguards • Celebrity Security • Political Security • 24/7 service available • Workplace Violence • Residential Private Security • Threat Assessment • Event Security Consultant • Witness Transport Contact us today fort a free executive protection assessment.

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Process Service

Our process service team streamlines the process of getting your documents served. Do you have an individual that needs to be served that is being evasive or hard to locate? No problem, we have the know-how and technological advantages to locate and serve them. We are prompt, efficient and effective in securing that your documents are served. Here is a list of some of the legal documents that our Investigator serve: • Subpoenas • Court Orders • Summons • Notices • Petitions • Citations • Ejectment And much more

Attorney-Litigation Support

Our Investigators provide that one-on-one personal assistance that attorneys need when they are preparing for a case or battling in the courtroom. Our years of experience and attention to detail allow our clients to focus on winning for their client. Some of the many services that we provide to our clients are as follows: • Record Procurement and Management • Document Analysis and Case Review • Investigative Research • Strategy Development • Process Service • Trial Presentation Assistance • Subject location • Photography • Witness Interviews • Surveillance • Client Management and Communication • Mitigation Support

Civil Investigations
Adress Locates & Missing Persons
Witness Interview
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