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I have found Felder & Associates Investigations to be one of if not the best Investigation Firms that I have work with in my over 30 years of practicing Criminal & Family Law.

Their Firm is very punctual, trustworthy, and aggressive when it comes to their performance. I must say that the combination of high integrity and persistence to provide a quality services have gained my trust and continuing partnership throughout these years.

D. Belmont Esquire

As a dedicated and successful Trial Attorney for over 30 years, I know the importance of a great investigation team.

Felder & Associates Investigations through our growing partnership have been the firm that has assisted me in homicides and serious criminal cases in both state and federal courts. They have done a remarkable job in uncovering evidence that has led to the successful acquittal of my clients or to a valuable result that significantly reduced my client’s punishment.

Felder & Associates Investigations has a very diverse team that has a vast extraordinarily street intuition and a rapport with the communities which our investigative channels must be able to access.

Their firm provides thorough, detailed investigation that is combined with the commitment and passion to serve my clients.

When getting the job done with pristine results, Felder & Associates delivers.

J. Michael Farrell  
Trial Lawyer